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Do you hear what I hear ?

Published on September 19, 2013 under 5 senses

Today was the day we talk about listening  with our ears. The hardest thing to get preschoolers to understand that is to really listen you have to be quiet.  That isnt always easy but is a necessary skill that we work on so kindergarten wont be miserable for them when they go.  Not listening can be a safety issue as well as a stumbling block in our future education.  Also, do you have friends that always talk but never listen ? I think I am guilty of that at times.  We all could learn to listen more.

There were listening boxes on the table today to play with. The object of the game is to pick up the box and shake it . Listen ! Then find another box that matches the sound. It isnt as easy as it appears.  I made the mistake of telling the first few kiddos that the answer key was on the bottom of the boxes.  If they turned them over and they had a matching dot it meant they had matched correctly .  After that, the kids started using their eyes to match instead of their ears. Oh well. 🙂



We made shakers  we could shake and listen to the  beat of the music with .


Ms Gabby came to make a Brown Bear Puppet today and teach the kids some more spanish words for colors.  Thanks !









































She also did Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes in spanish.

Mikki came to play a while and showed up just in time to help me glue the rest of the lids on the shakers so Randy could get lunch on the table. Thanks !


Did I mention that today was our first day to work all school year without Dallas here?  Randy did great taking over her normal duties but she was missed.  She will be out tomorrow also .She is at a training that I thought would be helpful.



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