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Published on September 12, 2013 under Amazing Bodies

I am happy to say that today we finished up our Dial three  assessments.  It is very comprehensive and takes SO much time.  Our parent teacher conferences are scheduled for October 1st . On that day we will discuss results.  In the picture below Ms Dallas is playing a game with Tiana trying to see if she can twiddle her thumbs and touch each fingertip to her thumb.




















In my game we did a few concepts using pictures like longest, empty and cold.  We sung the ABCs and looked at a few of the letters for letter recognition and sorted shapes.

We did get around to a few things on the lesson plan today like reading the book ” Hands ” .  The kids also traced their hands on paper and made a chart describing  ” helpful hands and hurting hands.”





















Its Thursday , Gabbys day to come in and play with the children and teach them spanish. Today they learned more family words like momma , daddy and family.  The kids love learning from her.  Thanks Gabby.

Other fun happening in the room today :






















I almost forgot to take   a  picture and some of the food has been eaten but here was today’s lunch.I was skeptical on the tuna lettuce wraps but I had several clean plates !  Sometimes we assume that the kids wont eat something and dont try it.






















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