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Park and PIctures !

Published on September 13, 2013 under parent education

I already loaded all today’s pictures on facebook for the parents so this post will be short and without illustrations

Class pictures were this morning and all the kids did great.   I think the pictures will be fabulous !

Today was a perfect day to go to the park.  The wind was blowing ever once in a while and in the shade it was wonderful.  I took over 200 pictures ( and Dallas ) and uploaded most of them to facebook. This would be a good time to address pictures on the blog and on facecbook.    Most every day atleast 20 or more pictures are taken. On special days that we cook, do science or have visitors there are usually 50 or more.  Today , I went a little over board since it was our first park day.  When I take pictures I am not usually looking for a child that is being photogenic or cute, I am looking to document something for my files ( a child’s progress or an activity they participated in ) .  Each year I take over 4000 pictures.  It is difficult to sit down each time and make sure that I have ten of Susie and ten of Calvin and  ten of….. you get it ?  I just take pictures. Some kids LOVE the camera and seem to always find themselves in a picture. Other children shy away from the camera and I have to hunt them down to take pictures. Still there are other children that are never still.  They are like little sprites that run around all day and right when I think I have a perfect shot, it is blurred.  I say all this to say.. give me some slack on pictures. If I have mommies / daddies or grandparents start counting pictures or wondering why their child wasnt in certain pictures, then I will just not post pics. It isnt a requirement. I do this because I know you love to see what your child is doing each day.  I also know that when you get in the car and ask what did you do today.. they say play.  What did you eat today ? Nothing… 🙂  So, enjoy the pictures  !

At the park we have certain rules to keep us safe.  The major rule is we stay inside the blue ring . ( The ring that goes around the playground. )  Swinging in a great motor skill for kids but in order to take some to the swings that would leave one teacher in charge of children in an open space and that isnt safe.  We also dont go UP slides we only come down.

There was a little boy at the park today that was chasing the girls and pulling their hair.  He didnt want to hurt them, ( I dont think ) He wanted to play and didnt know how to ask. Boy, did our little girls use their skill of assertion that we have been talking about to tell him he could NOT pull their hair.  It was almost embarrassing with the little boys mom standing there listening but Oh well.. do we want our kids to take up for themselves or be nice and accept someone hurting them because it sounds rude ?  🙂

I saw new friendships forming today in our little group. They make me smile.  This is what preschool is all about. Learning how to live with the people around us and get along.

It was a good day.


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