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First Day Yee Haw

Published on August 28, 2013 under Uncategorized

We had our open house last night and it was a great success.  I think the kids liked the little western city we had set up but mainly just seeing their toys and their friends again.  We’ve  really missed everyone so it was great to reconnect.

Today was our first day of preschool.    We had a couple  that were a little reluctant but gained  confidence and had a great day.

We started off our day with birthday pancakes – pancakes with sprinkles mixed in. white syrup and cool whip on top. The two birthday kiddos had a candle stuck in the top and blew it out after we sung ” Happy Birthday.”

I am not sure why I even write lesson plans for the first week of school .  Getting everyone to go the direction we need them to go is much like herding cats. Many of them stood in a line for the first time ever today. We dont do lines often but today we had a few as we learned to wash hands.

The kids loved the new easel on the wall .  It was one of the favorite spots.

Today we had THREE SETS OF TWINS.  Only Vivian and Valeri are identical and well…. mom helped me out before she left.   Dallas and I watched them all day and we think we have it figured out .  We shall see tomorrow.

We did self portraits !

Harelly set down at the writing center today and said ” how do you spell I love you ?”  I told her and letter by letter she wrote it in the card. She got an envelope and said ” How do you spell grandma?”   I wrote it for her to copy.  This is a real DING DING DING as a teacher. Harelly gets is that ” words have meaning and a purpose.” So very proud of our students from last year.

Still carrying our cowboy theme forward today the kids enjoyed some cowboy boots that Colby and McKayla’s grandma brought by for us .

It was a busy day but it was a good day.   Just a reminder for parents , especially newly enrolled parents, day two and three are always harder at drops off . So expect tomorrows drop off to be smooth and uneventful but dont be surprised if it isnt.  🙂 Either way….. we’ve got this. !





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