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Circus Chaos

Published on May 14, 2013 under Circus

I think I might have short timers.

I think maybe the kids have short timers.

Wait.. they dont have a sense of time yet really.

I have short timers.

I am NOT wanting to do lesson plans  this week.  I am wanting just to hang out and play and tell stories and listen to stories.   ( Yes, I may have told them one today about my brother and I going to a farm and the horse raised his tail and pooped all over him from head to toe. We even video’d a message for my brother and sent it to him.  )

The kids told me cool stories too.  Like this one – We went to City Lake and saw a shark…… MMmmm K.  🙂

I think we got all our costumes under control today for our circus.

We did a science experiment with circus peanuts.  You should try this one at home You will not believe how HUGE those things get when microwaved !




It was a good day.


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