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Giddy Up !

Published on August 29, 2013 under cowboys

Day two is over and it was a success !   I was worried last night.   I think I ran smack dab out of energy and the little cold I have became HUGE and needed …. sleep.   So, after getting about 9 hours of sleep and taking some nyquil I was ready to cowboy back up this morning and climb in the saddle for another good day.

Today we talked about using the STAR technique to calm ourselves. We all get a little frustrated and emotional at times and as adults most of us have the skills to calm down but children dont always have that skill. When they get upset they just want the situation resolved and in honest – just want their way. There are times that we can’t always have everything our way but still need to calm down.   Today we learned to STAR  Stop/ Smile  Take a Deep Breath and Relax.  Why smile ?  Smiling on the outside changes whatever is going on in the inside.  The next time you are upset with someone look at them and smile and see if that changes your disposition.  The deep breath and relaxing your body allows the stress to leave your body and refocus.   You can even try this at home.  Did you see the STAR crown they got today ? That is their reminder of the STAR technique.  When they get upset at home ask them can they be a STAR and breathe !

We had a special treat today. Harelly’s mom , Gabby , has asked to come in and teach the kids some spanish.  Today she read a book about a cowboy. We heard the spanish words for cowboy, farm, horse , green and grandpa.  She will be coming in each Thursday morning to read or play a game that teaches spanish.  ( THANKS GABBY! )

Outside we  had cowboy races !























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