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Where’s that Leprechaun ?

Published on March 15, 2013 under St Patricks Day


What a fun day today was !    Our annual Leprechaun hunt is always such fun as we go through our own little ” Mayberry” in search of that rascally leprechaun and his pot of gold.

As the kids came in this morning they were greeted by a note from that tricky leprechaun. He had visited our playrooms in the middle of the night and made such a mess.  There were chairs turned over and crayons and pom poms all over the floor.






















There were little green foot prints everywhere – even the toilet !



After washing our hands we each made our own rainbow toast for breakfast. The toasted slices of bread were little masterpieces.  If you want to do this at home all you have to do is take a few ounces of milk and tint it with food coloring and let them paint away with clean paint brushes or QTips.  Then toast  ! It is yummy and beautiful !
























There was another little surprise at the table as Ms Debbie magically turned the white milk green !  Perfect since today was green day and everyone wore green !

After playing a bit we read a book about Clever Tom and the Leprechaun and danced a jig for two before heading out for the leprechaun hunt at 930.





















Walking friend trips are awesome. Along the way we learn things like how to cross the road safely . We also learn things that are not planned. For example.  As we stood to watch some of the demolition cleanup at the old hospital ( kinda of a sad note. Channing said ” Ms Debbie Ms Debbie, I was born there !” And now it’s gone. ) The bull dozer operator yelled ” Kids , stay in school !   This is not fun.   Become an engineer or an architect. ”   The adults got a good laugh out of that.

Our first stop was Hoffman Chiropractic office.  This is where Emily’s Aunt Boo and Uncle Bobilicious ( her names for them ) work.  It would be Becky and Dr Hoffman to you and I.  The kids anxiously asked if she had seen a leprechaun.  Luckily, she had a clue on a green piece of paper the leprechaun left as he ran through.





















You missed me  !

You missed me !

I tell you it’s true.

I’ve went farther down the street

To run away from you !


Our next stop was at Creative Corner with Julie Chandler.  She had a clue as well !

I’ve got an idea,

I think you will like

Well make something to catch

That sneaky leprechaun tyke.

He came to my store

But left in a hurry

He was headed to Café on Broadway

And said not to worry.


Before heading out to Cafe on Broadway Julie helped us with a cute craft. We each made leprechaun finders , It looked like a rainbow !  So very cute. Thanks Julie it was awesome !



Off we go down the street looking for that sneaky leprechaun. We have our leprechaun finders now so it shouldnt be too difficult.  The clue said to go to Cafe on Broadway , so that is where we headed.  When we got there the guy said he did see the leprechaun but he left.  ( You know what they say.. if you blink they run away. ) His clue was :


He did stop by here and got a cookie or treat

Then he continued running down the middle of the street.

He left a cookie for each of you

To enjoy while you rest

Then continue on your hunt and do your best


So , of course we had to sit down outside and enjoy a delicious cookie before heading out again.

Next we arrived at Main Street Studio. The gorgeous Ms Carrie was there to greet us and she had a clue too !























I think that I did see a little wee man

He was running beside a wee little van.

He wanted to read a book about rainbows and gold.

And said that his secret will never be told.



So, can you guess from that where we had to go next ?



The ladies at the library were so kind. They let us go in the kids area and even brought us a St Patricks Day book to read that told the story of St Patrick. We learned that he chased all the snakes out of Ireland !

The librarian had the final clue !


Oh My Oh me I did see that guy

I saw a flash of green as he went flying by

He said he was headed to the park by the creek

Where he’ll start a game of hide and seek.

Look near trees but not near the water or street

And maybe a leprechaun you will meet.


So off we went to the park to some trees.

And we found the leprechaun’s gold. We even found some of his tiny furniture.


After scooping up all his booty we played at the park and had a delicious picnic lunch under the trees.























What a wonderful wonderful day. Hopefully it was one the kids will remember forever.

Some of us almost were too tired to walk home .




And when we got home we had no trouble at all going to sleep.


Last note but most important.  Days like this would not be possible without all the help I had today. I had Destiny ( Alina’s cousin) who was job shadowing me today.  Hopefully she was inspired to be in early education and not scared from our adventure today.   Then there was Dallas who is always faithful. Today she was a mommy . She was not on the clock ,she was just volunteering and helping out and being with Kat. Always a huge help !  There was Ms Melissa , Ms Jessica, and Ms Kathryn who I could not have pulled this off without.  What a blessing to have parents that want to spend time helping out.  The first five years of life are the most crucial to a child’s education .  Kudos to these ladies that have embraced that and were such a huge part of our day today !

Happy St Patricks Day everyone ! Happy Spring Break. Ill see you in a week !


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