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Twas the Night Before St Patty’s Day

Published on March 14, 2013 under St Patricks Day

I felt like I was rushing to get through today so we could start tomorrow , one of my favorite days of the year .  The leprechaun hunt is tomorrow !!!

But alas we did do some things as planned today.

We sharpened our fine motor skills by stringing fruit loops on a piece of yarn to make a rainbow necklace.











































We played BINGO with a St Patricks Day BINGO set.


We did a little Pots of Gold letter recognition assessment.  Dallas put a copy of the upper case page that we did here.  As  she pointed to the letter and asked the child what the letter was she colored the coin in if they were correct.  I was quite impressed with many of them .   Some of them  still have a full year of preschool and know so many letters already.  I sent home the lower case sheet for you to do with your child.   This is a great way to get an idea of where your child is. I can tell you that we spend more time on the upper case letters so dont expect them to know as many on the lower case sheet.  Hopefully by looking at these you will see if your child is needing a little extra help at home.














































In circle time we read the book ” Twas the Night Before St Patricks Day”  and talked about all the fun things we will do tomorrow. Where do you think we will find the leprechaun ?  How can we catch him ?  What if we do catch him, what will we do with him ?  Fun and funny answers were abundant !























These are some other pictures I took today that I enjoyed.























Kat went in the art center and made this watch . ” It’s my very own watch.  Its ten o clock  Cuckoo Cukoo ! ”



Thats Lyndee under the scarf. I walked in one of the playrooms to find this and they said ” Dont worry , We are just doing surgery. ”  Ok !




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