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Woody- Wood Pecker

Published on March 13, 2013 under St Patricks Day


Submitted by Mrs. Dallas !


What a fun filled day. Mrs. Jessica came to play while Mrs. Debbie & Mr. Randy went to the doctor

We played with our green toys












































.We played a Rainbow board game where we used a dice to count numbers and spaces to see where our Lego piece would go an we made it all around the game. In circle time we sang some songs and then had to go hunt for something green. We found green Legos pieces, green tractors, green toys, green cans, and even a green cucumber.


We got to go outside and run around and play and hoot & hollar and get all of our energy out. We were even able to go on a little adventure to look for a woodpecker that we kept hearing knock on the trees. Some of us spotted him before he flew off and then we went back and ran around  some more before lunch. It was a great day


















A little note from Ms Debbie.

It is always a great feeling to leave the house in the hands of Dallas and the moms that have helped out this year.  I never think twice about will the kids be safe.  Will they follow the rules ? Will they put themselves in your shoes ( the parent ) and my shoes ( the person liable ) in every decision they make.  I am blessed to have people that love my / your kids as much as I do  and do a wonderful job when I need to be gone. Thanks Dallas, you are the foundation and steady that makes that possible.  Thanks to all the moms that spend time here and make it possible for me to see you interact with our kids to know exactly how you treat them when I am not here.  Blessed.

I took Mr. Randy to the pulmonologist.  We dont really know anything definate yet.  He will be having a lung function test done and will be getting a nebulizer at home. The specialist is thinking it is an onset of adult asthma.  The doctors visit on Monday ( the cow sized steroid shot ) has already helped him tremendouly.

See  you in the morning.




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