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Published on March 1, 2013 under transportation


That is what I feel like this week has done. The whole year has flown by so fast .

As we wind down our week on transportation  I thought this would be a good time to remind you.  I do list themes on our calendar but my goals for that week are not to learn about cars and trucks or other machines that take us places, my goal is to teach basic skills that your child needs to be successful when they go to kindergarten.  Examples:  Our songs about cars and boats and trucks this week had counting up and down in them. We had FAST movements or SLOW to learn to listen closely.  Here is an example from today.  We made trucks.   Can you tell just by looking some of the things we might have learned today -or already knew and reviewed or practiced?

We reviewed the shapes rectangle, square and circle.

We reviewed the colors green, orange and black.

We followed directions like ” put 3 dots of glue on the green rectangle.”






















We talked about silly things like  ” why arent the wheels on TOP of the truck instead of the bottom?”

We looked at the word “truck” and tried to write it on our truck. We werent looking for excellence in writing skills here, that comes with time. We are trying to realize that print has meaning.

We worked on our pencil grip.  Have you noticed that most of my crayons are broken?  ( Not all ) That is by choice.  When the crayons are small the children have no choice but to hold the crayon correctly they cant grasp it with all their fingers.

We also painted more today.  This is why we wear paint clothes. We had some impromptu handprint painting going on.  This morning Alex found our CD with our Thanksgiving songs on it and I think that reminded them about our turkey handprints !




















                                                  Sweet Ms. Mellissa came today to do Emily’s screening .  It is a little late in the year but they are required within 45 days of enrollment. This gives us a starting point to figure out what strengths and weaknesses we all have and what direction or teaching needs to go in.  Emily did great !

Joslyns mom stayed to play for a while today. As always .. love having moms and dads hang out.

We had a little car wash today with the tub and the toys cars.

There are two notes for parents in your cubby. One is green and it is your calendar for the month.  The other is pink and it is for a parenting class called ” Shopping Matters .”

You guys enjoy a wonderful weekend !


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