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Happy Happy Day Suess

Published on March 4, 2013 under Dr. Suess

Today we kicked off Dr. Suess’ birthday celebration by having HAT DAY!   The kids wore hats to school today. Some hats were silly  and some were cool !   Of course we had extra hats in our room for the kids that didnt wear a special hat to school.  I even had on a hat for a while.  I have never been a big hat girl… big hair yes… but hat – no !   After a while I kept asking everyone ” is it hot in here to you ?”  and I realized that my hat was causing me to have hot flashes !

We made hats today too  ( and read the book The Cat in the Hat .)  They are red and white striped just like Dr  Suess’ hat.  Again, we were practicing those math skills like patterning – red / white/ red / white.

We read the book ” Green Eggs and Ham” and then Mr. Randy cooked up some in the kitchen as we watched.  We all tasted the green eggs and ham.  I  asked Lyndee if she liked them and she said ” yes, I do.  Because Sam I am likes them!”

We made a graph to compare how many people liked the green eggs and ham.  Two of our friends did not like the green eggs and ham and 14 did like them.  In the past I have made them for lunch and the kids would not even try them.  Last year I decided that maybe they would eat them if they were part of the cooking process to see why the eggs are green !  It worked !

Proud teacher moment when I see kiddos walking around the room writing .

We spent 30 extra minutes outside today soaking in the vitamin D from the sun.  We are SO ready for spring !


The blog is having a hard time uploading pictures so I will just throw  them on facebook !




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