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On Monday it Rained

Published on February 25, 2013 under parent involvement

Yes it did.  Perfect to go along with a book I have about emotions called  ” On Monday it rained .”   Thankful for lots of resources at my fingertips that allow me to teach the kids the things that are going on in their world .

We read  ” On Monday it Rained ” WHAT ! Today is Monday.. and it is RAINING ! HOW LUCKY !

The little boy went to preschool.  I GO TO PRESCHOOL !

He had a new bike and his mommy wouldnt let him go outside to ride it in the rain , he was sad .  MY MOMMY DOESNT LET ME GO OUTSIDE IN THE RAIN.

Being able to compare our own lives to that of a little boy in a book totally captivates us and makes us listen well and engage and remember.

We also played truck BINGO with letters and numbers mixed up.  Kids still have a hard time differentiating letters and numerals.  This game had some of each on the page and we had to decide which one was being called.

Leo came to play again today.  We love Leo.  I know I tend to brag on him a lot but you have to be here to know what I am talking about.  He comes whenever he has time and just plays.  He goes in the dress up area and plays house.  He sits at the table and colors with the girls.  He goes in the music area and sits in the floor and arranges a little music show. He has the keyboard there are kids on drums and some that have shakers and then of course the singers were on the bench singing Christmas songs . 🙂 He just sits and draws the kids like a magnet to come play or read.  And here is a biggie – One of our friends nose was running really bad and instead of saying ” hey Miss Debbie, you have a problem here.” he grabbed a kleenex and wiped a nose. Wow.. I am impressed.  Thanks Leo .



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