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Published on February 26, 2013 under transportation

Today started very slow as you guys made your way in the snow to get to school.  Wasnt it beautiful ?  I told the kids we would go outside to play in it for a few minutes but by the time we got around to it ( after a late breakfast ) the snow was pretty much gone and well.. I just wasnt interested in a mud day.

We drove the cars and trucks in paint to see what tracks they made.


We drove the cars on a curvy and a zig zag track to practice our fine motor skills.



























We did circle time and shook it like a duck with Ms Mellissa ( if you missed the video it is on facebook ) . We talked about how cars can get around in the snow.

Since we were bummed about the lack of snow to play in I had already thought i might treat them to a theme related movie.  We started watching ” Cars” which they love but I guess the borrowed DVD was scratched and we had to stop it.  I did find a great Barney teaching movie called ” Planes , Trains and Cars” on netflix so they werent totally disappointed.

After lunch we drew cars or other things that go.  Kids tend to lack confidence in drawing real objects. Practice helps but sometimes it is just time they need to develop the tiny muscles in the their arms, hands and fingers .


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