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Wheels … this week flew by !

Published on February 22, 2013 under transportation

I cannot believe how fast this week has flown by.  It seems like it was just Monday yesterday.  I fear much of it is a fog from the dad’ gum ( Is that really a word ) cold that I have been carrying around.  I am hoping for sunny skies and a sunnier disposition on myself come Monday !

In small groups today was played a color matching game.

We also played a math game with tiny wheels made of dyed macaroni.


I love this picture of Alina.  One of the developmental milestones we look for is when  a child uses his or her creativity to use normal items found in play for something other than it’s intended purpose.  ( That is kinda paraphrased via the Debbie Mays worksampling version .)  I love how she couldnt find the paper money for the cash register so she had to make her own money.   Not only is she thinking outside of the box to what she could use as money but she is cutting it small enough to fit in the drawer . I love watching kids grow and learn to think on their own.  IMPORTANT! if you do all the problem solving and thinking for your children when they are small, when it becomes really important to be able to think on their own they will be lost without your help and it will be your fault.  ( I think I heard that on Dr . Phil one day.  hehe… )

In circle time we we made another list of all the modes of transportation that we know.  We got 20 ! Do you remember the list we had on Monday. I think it had 5 on it !   Sure, they knew different ways to go somewhere but knowing how to group them together is different ! YAY! for kids learning !

We also did some talk pictures.  Talk pictures just increases language, confidence to speak in front of peers and there is also some problem solving as well.

What is in the boys basket ?  One little boy said parrots and well.. I can see that !  I finally had to give them the answer of corn cobs.  I dont think any of them have seen a cob in the husk.  Where do you think they are varrying the corn.  What is that behind them?

Who are these men ?  Cooks ! And what are they cooking ? TORTILLAS! My guess would be Joslyn said tortillas because the man in the front looks hispanic .  I asked why and she didnt know.  We talked about the tools they are using. Sometimes we have used a whisk in our kitchen.

What are these boys playing ? Are they on the same team ? I was so proud of Kat when he said no because their shirts are different . You have to really be looking to see that. We talked about what kind of sport the kids like too.

Language at this age is so important.  One day ( careful up comes my soapbox ) and a young lady was with her kids at the park . She was busy texting and only spoke one or two times to her kids.  We are becoming a generation that is leaving verbal communication as a secondary language . Talk Talk Talk.. it your kids.



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