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Hot Air Balloons !

Published on February 27, 2013 under transportation

Today we made hot air balloons.











































We also played a game with the beans bags. We didnt get a picture but maybe we can tomorrow. There were three paper plates painted red, green and yellow like a stop light. The kids would throw the bean bags on the matching color .


A few months ago I had a landscape design done that included play area for the children – like a hopscotch area and hiding places.  The sweet lady that did it for me dropped off several FREE landscaping stones a couple weeks ago . Today Dallas and I moved them over the fence to the area inside the fence where they will be.  The kids already are jumping , hopping and playing on the stones. I even heard some learning going on.  ” Jump over here to this BIG ROCK, it is the BIGGEST !” I cant wait to get started when the weather breaks in the spring on the whole design !

I took the moon sand out and it is as popular as the IPAD so we had to make a waiting list.  LOVE LOVE how the kids manage this pretty much by themselves.





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