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Cherry Yumminess

Published on February 6, 2013 under cooking with kids

What a slow wonderful day today was !

We still have friends out sick .The strange thing is they seem to all be different things like the flu, ears, throwing up….  Whatever it is, I am ready for it to BE GONE. This is getting a bit crazy.

For small groups The kids played a ” take away” game that introduced the mathematic idea of subtraction .  Introducing ideas in normal play will make it easier when it is introduced as a concept later on.  In this game all the hearts were put on the large heart , the dice was rolled and whatever number the dice landed on was how many hearts were taken away… or subtracted from the group.  As there were fewer hearts the kids would even count to see how many were left .

We also made yummy cherry fudge.  Take one bag of white chocolate chips and melt them in the microwave.  Then fold in a tub of cherry icing. SO Good… SO. sweet….  This recipe didnt call for much measuring .  It was more of a science experience.  How can we make the chocolate chips liquid ?  What will happen when we mix then together ?  Why is it getting harder to stir as the chips cool ?  And we also practiced good old patience and cooperation as we all helped to mix and stir.









































We had mommies play today. I love it.

Jessica enjoyed every center in the room especially her lunch that Lyndee made.

Becky is always the teacher.  In the picture below she is pointing to the letters in I LOVE YOU and asking the kids what they are  while they play playdoh.






















Our program is strong and amazing because of the help from the parents. Thank you.





















We havent had our pitchers out all year but we do now.  Did you know your child can pour water ?


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