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Chocolate ?

Published on February 7, 2013 under Uncategorized

We have had a good time today exploring new materials. The Valentines box is full of goodies !

There were Valentines letters to match upper to lower case.

There were Valentines erasers to sort , match and stack.





















There were heart stencils to trace.






















The loft and the IPAD continue to be popular . We use a timer to limit screen time.. One of our goals is always helping kiddos become independent.  Today the bright idea struck me to highlight the 15 on the timer so they could set it themselves when they get on the IPAD. It worked !   Do you have a timer at home ? If not these are $1 at the dollar tree.  Let your child help you decide how much screen time at home is appropriate and give them a timer !

Love seeing my little ones enjoy music as much as they do.

Lilly drew me a picture on the chalk board within 5 minutes of being at school this morning.  Isnt it beautiful !

We did a science experience today with CHOOLATE ! What will happen if we turn the blow dryer on the chocolate ?  Which piece will melt faster ? Why ?   What are some other ways that chocolate will melt ?











































And then of course, they had to eat a piece.  That would just be wrong not to share.










































I played a game with each child practicing the position words of in and out .  We used a file folder game that was themed for Valentines with a box of candy . Is the chocolate in or out of the box ?






















It  sure has been quiet without all our friends at school. Praying each one gets better soon and can come back to play.



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