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Hearts !

Published on February 5, 2013 under fine motor

It is that time of year when we start drawing hearts  and cutting out hearts .  I tell you I was ready for a little love .  After having the flu over the weekend I was too drained to even muster a smile.

But this morning I was ready to face the music and dance !

We have had a pretty good day.  There are still a few of our friends out so it was abnormally quiet.  I like to think God said ” Here ya go Debbie… a quiet  day to make your first day back a little easier. ”

We did all the normal things we do to learn and have fun.


We also did some cutting work. We cut pieces of paper into little scraps to make a Valentine. Maybe it was just this group of kiddos but they sat there for thirty minutes cutting. They LOVED it.  You cant really TEACH good cutting skills all you can do  are things that foster motor development and let them practice. At home, if you need a few extra minutes of quiet – grab a box of scrap paper and give  them some scissors and let them get to it !


I also showed them how to draw fold a piece of paper and draw an elephant ear on the fold and cut it out to make a heart.  The ones they cut out today, I drew the pattern on but still – What a great job.  They glued them on the Valentine so you could see what a great job they did .



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