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Tigers Have Stripes

Published on January 17, 2013 under jungle

Today we made cute little tigers .  Talking about stripes is a good way to practice patterning skills.  ABABABABAB  or orange black orange black orange black….






















This is pretty much a teacher directed product even thought they dont all look the same , I did a lot of the prep work to make it easier for them.  I cut out the TRIANGLES.  The head , body, ears and tongue were all triangles. Just another sneaky way to review shapes !






















During circle time we are singing a song called ” Do the monkey.” You can see the kids doing the monkey .



And the tiger !



Another activity today was making a snake by wrapping the yarn around the snake.  Well.. they are pretty sad. Sometimes we have to remember it is the process that is important in preschool , not the product.  This activity required the kids to think about how to wind the yarn, to use their fine motor skills to hold the yarn as it is wound and patience when it just isnt going right.






























































Lilly is enjoying the new hard jungle puzzle I put out . That little girl is a puzzle pro !




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