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Wowzers ! We have been busy today !

Published on January 18, 2013 under jungle

What a busy fun day we have had today.  It is five minutes to one and we are just now laid down for rest time.  Why so late you ask ?

Our day was pretty normal until 1030. ( Well, with the exception of the gorilla visiting ) After cleaning we went to circle time and did our music and stories . We also talked about what a drive -inn movie is since we are having movie night tonight.  The kids are very excited.  Then a visitor showed up.  Kourtney came to visit us. She is considering joining our group.  Her mom, Ida . will let me know for sure on Monday. Cross your fingers. I think her family would be a good for for our group !

After circle time we passed out the cars ( boxes ) for the kids to decorate . Some of them had to be cut down or taped   The kids were excited .  Pretty much it was crazy , but it was a happy crazy.

I am going to cut the blog short today so I can get things ready for tonight at 7:00.  I hope you all can make it !


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