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Roar !

Published on January 16, 2013 under jungle

If I could stand at the top of a mountain and ROAR how wonderful my parents are I would gladly do that !

This morning I noticed several parents just hanging out . That is more the norm this year than not.  My goal this year has been to include more parent involvement in our program and I think we have exceeded that goal.  Today, they involved themselves without prompting and told us to LEAVE!  Thats right… they took over for the day as a present to Randy and I. Wow. Wow. Wow.  Never has this been done.  I appreciate every gift or token of gratitude a parent or child has ever given but this gift is so creative and beyond anything I could imagine.  So, we took off.

We went to breakfast at the Cracker Barrel which is Randy’s favorite restruant.  We sat there amazed at the love our families were showing us.

By 10:00 am my favorite store had opened and I went SHOPPING. I have started swimming at JBU for exercise and every time I cringe. My bathing suits are more tanning suits.. not athletic suits.  Every time I battle more keeping everything where it needs to be more than getting to the end of the pool.  THE STORE HAD BATHING SUIT SEPARATES FOR 3.00 ! !! I got a few !

From there we went to Tahlequah to a store we had been wanting to visit and to eat at Sam and Ellas. If you have never been you should go. YUM- O.

Now we are home and again.. feeling very overwhelmed at our families love.

Enough about us !

Today Dallas, Jessica, Liz and Mellissa were in charge of all our kids and their fun learning. ( Mikkeala stayed until 930 when she had to get to school ! )    I did have lesson plans and by the looks of the pictures they went by them !

Small groups did a folder game where they identified things that begin with the letter L.  ( It looks like they also had a crown making class ! The kids love crowns ! )





















They also sorted animals. Which animals live in the jungle?

The kids cut yarn to make lions !































































They had other fun today too !































































I am SO THANKFUL for these parents and the love shown today .



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