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What is Community

Published on November 26, 2012 under building community

Community is a hard concept for children to understand.  We just had our Thanksgiving Meal at the community building so when I asked the children what “community ” is their answers made sense.

“It is a big building where you sing.”

“You go there to eat.”

“There is a stage .”

Yes ! That is the community building where people in a community like us gather.

What is your city called  ? ” Siloam Springs ”

Another name for a city is community. Now.. what is a community ?

” It is a big building we sing in…” 🙂

We explored ” community more.”

When you need food , where do you go?

If your house catches on fire who comes to put it out ?

There are people in our community that keeps us safe , what are they called ?

Our community is made up of many many people that have many different jobs but they all help us.

We will continue to talk about our community this week and the people in it that help us.

( Also, I dont really do a letter of the week but when we use one main word a week, sometimes I highlight that letter.  This week is the letter C and we use the hard sound like a K.  If you are keeping up with the letters that we have already introduced this year they are  A B C D F H L M P R S T AND X .  Your child might / should know these letters by sight and the sound they make.  I wouldn’t drill them but if you see it in a book that you read , you can casually point to it and ask if they know what the letter is !  TEAM WORK! )

This will be a busy week. We have a policeman coming tomorrow, a dental assistant  and a school bus driver. We will visit the fire station Thursday night as a family.  So excited for this week !

We are singing our Christmas songs already . Our Christmas party / program is three weeks away.  It felt like Christmas to me as I unpacked a goodie that Mrs. Beth aquired for me through her sister. AN OVERHEAD! I had one for years but never really used it for the kids.  The old school way of using it is to make murals or tracing  for bulletin board.  But we  are using the over head to explore light ! wow… LOVE IT ! ( and so did the kids. )






















We unpacked a lot of community helpers materials today.  There were puzzles and play units and new costumes.



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