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The Police came to visit

Published on November 27, 2012 under community helpers

I can remember as a kid almost all kids wanted to be a doctor, nurse , teacher or a policeman.  You dont hear that as much anymore. I wonder why.  Being the inquisitive person that I am I did ask the officer why he thought that trend had changed.  His reply was ” that most kids have changed their aspirations to bigger things and higher paying jobs.” I think it is sad.  Policeman risk their lives to keep our community safe. They deserve respect.  ( FYI – calling them Po Po is not respectful. )

The officer came in and showed the kids all the pieces of his uniform including his gun and bullet proof vest.  The kids seemed intrigued by his radio more than anything.  Lyndee asked him about his laser ( taser ) and he explained that .  After talking and asking questions ( That is something that we work a lot on. What is the difference between a statement and a question. ) we went outside to see the officers car.

He even let us climb through the back of it.  We talked about why the seat was hard ( did you know that !) and how uncomfortable it is and how important it is to always obey the law so we dont end up in a policemans car.























The main thing that was stressed is that policemen are our friends.  They help us.





















For small group we did a fingerprint counting book.  We looked at our fingerprints with a magnifying glass and then put the appropriate number of fingerprints on each page. The hardest part is getting kids to SLLLLOOOOOWWWW down and count each print as they touch.  Also… it is almost impossible for a child to count while another child is sitting next to him count too.  I think that is hard for adults as well.

We enjoyed more new toys out today like the toy ducks that were dressed up in fireman and polieman uniforms  and floating in the water.





















Randy also did a little science experience with the kids.




















I love when the kids bring make notes or make notes in the art center. This is how we become great writers and it is so much more fun than a worksheet !



Busy Day.

And… the health department came and my eggs were on the wrong shelf.  Gah….


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