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The Rush of the Holiday !

Published on November 20, 2012 under Thanksgiving

Today we spent time getting ready for our HUGE THANKSGIVING FEAST at the community building.  As I sliced the turkey’s Randy and Dallas held down the fort. Randy sang with his guitar and played some table games with the kids.  We measured heads for the Indian Headdresses the kids will wear tomorrow.  It was a busy day.  So busy, that I  didnt take any pictures . I had  decided to do a “thankful ” post  today  anyway . I think making sure people know what we are thankful for is important.

I am thankful for AIden.  I love his enthusiasm and his smile.

I am thankful for Joslyn . I love to hear her say ” hola” to people when they enter our room.

I am thankful for Tiana.  I love her huge ” Peek a Boo ” as she arrives with a giant smile each morning.

I am thankful for Harelly.  I love the way she pretends she is me and plays teacher.

I am thankful for Julia.  I love the way she is so helpful and always wants to obey.

I am thankful for Kat. I love the stories she tells.

I am thankful for Katelyn  I love her laugh this year and the many times a day I hear it.

I am thankful for Malachy.  I love his curiosity.

I am thankful for Junior. I love his sweet tender spirit.

I am thankful for Alina.  I love the leadership qualities she has.

I am thankful for Ty.  I love all the vocabulary he has picked up and it warms my heart to hear “BB.”

I am thankful for Lilly.  I love her silly smile and the hugs she gives.

I am thankful for Alex.  I love how he is so quiet and always helpful.

I am thankful for Channing. I love it when she opens up and talks to me and giggles,

I am thankful for Kaden.  I love his sweet nature with his friends.

I am thankful for Lyndee.  I love how caring she is to me and the other kids when they dont feel well.

I am thankful for Dallas . I love how she always.. always has my back and is always trying to make my job easier and loves our kids.

I am thankful for Randy.  I love how he plays with and entertains the kids in ways that we dont.

Simply. I am thankful.



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