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New Toothbrushes !

Published on November 28, 2012 under community helpers

Today we had a special visitor come talk to us about taking care of our teeth. The  kids might remember that there  are some things that are good for our  teeth and some things that are BAD for our teeth.  She also showed the kids how to brush and talked about when they should brush.





















Each child has a new toothbrush , toothpaste , book and stickers in their cubby from Dr. Eric Wood at Gentle Dental.





















Ms. Dallas and the kids  made smiles with apples and marshmallows .

The turned out super cute and added fun to our lunch plate.

Some days it is just fun to sit back and watch the kids put into action the things that you teach them.

I looked at the board today and saw a ” waiting list” for the water table.  GENIUS !

Our dental visitor was a little early today and it threw our schedule off. You wouldnt think that a 45 minute gap of time would cause a problem but wow.. does it.   As we discussed what we would do to fill our time I looked at Dallas and said ” what about a dental coloring sheet?” as she picked herself off the floor from shock you could hear one of the kids say ” What is a coloring sheet ?” That was a proud moment.  This little girl is in her second year here and is not familiar with the term coloring sheet. Why ? Her teacher is usually on the ball and  has our day planned to the last minute so we dont have to have ” fillers” but not today.  I do believe the kids did enjoy coloring the tooth paste and tooth brush. HA!

John Func says “Reading the research of Victor Lowenfeld, we find out that coloring book pages can take almost all creative thinking away from 50-60% of children. The other 40% may be effected as well, but may have been nourished enough to at least maintain some creativity. In fact, if a child continually uses pre-made pages, he may never be satisfied with anything that he draws. He will be upset that his drawings look like a child’s drawings, not the adult drawings in coloring books.

There are much better things to give children to occupy their time. Crayons and a blank sheet of paper are much more appropriate. Paints and watercolors are also effective to allow the child to create. One of my favorite activities is to give children construction paper and glue (scissors for 4+ children). ”

I totally agree with this research but alas we did a coloring sheet.





















Now.. you have to admit — the picture above doesnt look near as much fun as these.



























Tis the season !  The Christmas party/ program is coming up on Saturday morning the 15th of December. Has your child been listening to their CD ? I am pretty sure Joslyn’s mom ( Liz) is sick of it because Joslyn knows every word !




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