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Published on November 13, 2012 under Thanksgiving



Our morning started off pretty exciting ! Mr Randy found a opossum in the garbage can this morning.   He took each of us out there and lifted us up to see him.  Then he turned the can over so we could see him run out.  He didnt run, he kind of meandered but it was still fun.   Since we saw an opossum up close it is only natural to learn more about him.  We learned that when we are sleeping he is not.  When we are eating , he is not.  He is nocturnal.  






















He looked kind of scary in the trash can !





















Later we had a few opossums running around the house !







Later in the morning a few of the kids wandered into the kitchen to help me make cupcakes for Lyndees birthday.





















While we were in there we went ahead and mixed up a peanut butter dip for lunch. ( which my the way most of the kids loved ! ) You take equal parts of peanut butter and greek yogurt and mix and refrigerate .  We dipped ours with bagels but you could also you apples !





































Ms Dallas finished up the book ” If a turkey came to my house ” while I helped the kids make turkeys from paper plates. the idea was to make patterns with the paint but I realized fairly quickly into the process that about half way around the plate that was WAY TOO MUCH thinking and the kids ended up just choosing a  color they wanted and painting.  That is ok ! We teach patterns a lot and it wasn’t worth ruining their fun to have it ” my way.”






































During circle time we did our Thanksgiving songs again and played a little game with them. Each time I stopped the music the kids would step on a turkey foot that was on the ground.

















While circle time was going on there were games being played at the tables downstairs.









































Today is Lyndees 5th birthday . Her mom came to eat with her.
















She also played outside !






















Outside we had a TEEPEE !




































It was a good day !






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