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Let the Gobbling Begin !

Published on November 12, 2012 under parent involvement

This morning at 7:30 was my first parent conference. I love this time of year when I can share what I have learned about my children so far and where I would like to see us go by the end of the year.  Setting goals is important to all of us whether is be personal or work related.  Without a goal in mind we stay where we are .  So far so good !  I am lucky to have a fantastic set of parents this year.

I would like to take a moment to brag on you if you dont mind.  You guys are ALWAYS  ( ALWAYS  ) helping me.  You come in to play a LOT. You plan special events . You take things home to laminate or cut.  The list goes on and on.  I have a friend that has a setting like mine and she has no parent support. Parent support not only makes you a better partner as we both engage to provide your child a great foundation for school but it is also to teachers an indicator of a parents sense of gratitude for all the extra time we put in to make sure our preschool program is great. I spend MANY MANY hours outside of school planning and getting things ready for our day.  Yesterday alone was 13 hours.  Now, I know that sometimes parents JUST CANT be involved. There are factors that keep one from doing that.  I totally understand. But when parents just dont want to take the time or consider it the last thing on their list to want to do… it is at that point that you begin  to feel like a service people are using because you are free.  I want to say THANK YOU for never making me feel that way.  A great education is built on the partnership between home and school and you my friends have aced that !

Today Randy had a few things planned to do with the kids while I was in conferences.  The did a couple experiments and some fun games with ping pong balls.




















Dallas taught the kids to trace their hand  to make a turkey.  These will be used to make a book called ” If a turkey came gobbling at my house I would…..”  I cant wait to read all their answers. Not only does an activity like this make the kids think it also teaches them that print has meaning as we write what they say and read it back.











































I went outside with the second set of kiddos today and loved seeing the fall color. We spent a time learning about “fall ” and what it means and now we play in piles and piles of yellow leaves and see all the color that fall brings.




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