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Pumpkin Pie Playdoh

Published on November 14, 2012 under cooking with kids

This morning we made pumpkin pie playdoh.  Cooking with kids not only just builds awesome memories but it also teaches kids math skills like counting and measuring.  Literacy skills like knowing that print has meaning as Ms Dallas reads the recipe.  Other things that we learn also are the internet is a powerful tool and we can use it to find out ” stuff.” Scientific methods are also explored as we watch the liquid turn solid when it is mixed and then cooked. Oh , and we are gaining muscles in our arms in all the important areas that help us to becoming better writers as we mix.  See what all your child is missing out on when you dont let them help you cook ? Try it !  And one other point… cooking builds awesome memories. As the kids each took a turn smelling the pumpkin pie spice Tiana said ” this smells like my grandma Joni’s house. ”  That made me smile.  I wonder what smells will remind my grandkids of my house. ?






































































































After cooking the playdoh we molded the warm pumpkin smelling dough into turkey shapes and added feathers.  Each child has a set in his or her cubby to take home.

















































































About every two weeks, sometimes each week, there are new materials that are put out.  Much of the time they are working on the same skill set but they are introduced in a different way.









































We also read ” There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie.”  It was a pumpkin pie –  JUST LIKE OUR PLAYDOH  ~

After hearing the story we talked about getting groceries for a Thanksgiving Meal and made a list of what each child would get from the store.  There would be a lot of milk, water and candy !  When you are going to the grocery store take the time to make a small list for your child .  Maybe draw a small picture with the word so your child can grocery shop along with you.  Here is a website that I found you can make picture list with !

Kids Grocery List 


















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