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Fire ! Fire !

Published on November 29, 2012 under community helpers

I had an early morning conference so the kids , Randy and Dallas just played for a bit ( which is not out of the norm .)  I did hear some extra learning opportunities going on such as Mr. Randy using his blood pressure machine to take each child’s blood pressure and Mrs. Dallas setting up a color game.  I love the randomness that happens when I am gone, but the kids love it and it is still learning !





















Ms. Dallas also played a community helpers matching game with the kids.








































Following the conference we split the kids into two groups and did some serious fire safety training.  We have drills all the time ( some planned , some not… )  and we have a plan for what happens if our house catches on fire.  Do you have a plan at your house ?

Group 1 was with Dallas.  The talked about smoke and the fact that smoke rises and you cant breathe in smoke.  If the smoke is rising where do you need to be ?  Low… to the ground.  So the concepts of low / high were discussed and then they made a game of crawling on the ground under the smoke to the door. Once there they were taught to touch the door and see if it is hot and if it is.. that might mean there is a fire on the other side… to find another way out.

My group read a couple books about firemen and fire stations and we talked about WHAT IF… your clothes catch on fire. It is important not to run.  Fire needs air to live and grow and running gives it more air.  I demonstrated this by using a candle and putting a glass over the candle so the flame would not have air and would go out.  The kids made some guesses as to what would happen when the glass was put over the candle.









































After trying to understand that fire needs air we talked about how rolling on the ground would cut off the air from the fire on our clothes and hopefully the fire would go out.  We also talked about covering our faces while we roll.  STOP , DROP AND ROLL.   This is a lot to remember but it works if you tell kids over and over how important it is. We also practiced…. Stopping , dropping and rolling…































We are ready to go to the fire station tonight at 6 pm !  See you there !


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