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The wheels on the bus go round and round

Published on November 30, 2012 under community helpers

I cant BELIEVE we didnt sing ” The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round…” today.  WHAT !! Totally slacking preschool teacher.  :/





































Today has been another busy day. I know.. I say that every day but it is true..  This morning we painted those egg cartons that I asked for.  They are in the drive way drying as we speak and they are SO cute !  If they are dry I will put them in the cubbies to go home, but I doubt they will be. The kids kinda SLATHERED paint on the carton.



























































Then the BUS came. Steve Avery and Mr McBride drove the bus.  Mr Avery reminded us that buses have rules to keep us safe just like Ms Debbie’s does.  He even reminded a child or two of that a couple of times on the bus.  I sometimes forget that when kids go to BIG school it is no nonsense and no second or third chances.  I definitely am a softie.  Not knocking Mr Avery at all for the reminder, these kiddos even at three and four know if someone says to sit on your bottom what that means and what keep your hands to your self means.  Being responsible for all those little lives on the bus is a very important job so rules are important.





















































































Inside we recapped what we have learned about the community helpers this week that have visited . Sometimes I am amazed at what they retain.  We also did new self portraits .  These little guys have come a long way this year.



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