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We SURE pack a lot in a day !

Published on October 10, 2012 under fall

We have been busy beavers today.

We have sorted apples and pumpkins.

We have played a syllable counting game .  We just called it the clapping game to see how many parts were in fall words.  They caught on pretty fast.  Later as I gave directions for another activity Katelyn clapped out the whole sentence.  Funny Girl !  Katelyn has really been a joy this year and always makes me laugh.

Ms Dallas played ” Hide the Leaf” with the kids .  She hid silk leaves all over the room with numbers on them and the kids looked for them . After finding the leaves they strung them in order on a clothes line.  The funniest part is when Ms Dallas said ” Word of advice, never let the KIDS hide the leaves..” as she walked downstairs to make another one.  As Pete the Cat says ” It’s all good! ” Just imagine how excited they will be when that leaf with a number 6 just randomly shows up at Christmas !


Mr Randy cooked pumpkin crescent pies with the kids .  They will be tasting those at snack time. They only made 16 and that is probably a good thing for me.

I love the opportunities I take to go outside and watch the kids play. Such fun goes on out there. It is a totally different kind of play.

They all LOVE the dirt pit !

Ms Dallas teaching the girls a ” Down on the Prairie ” way of washing their hands on the grass.

Harelly….. she just wants mud for Christmas. This girl loves to pretend cook.

Junior pretending to be a fireman.  I am so proud of him. Mommy and Daddy have decided that he needs to write Fernando since that is what he will be writing in Kindergarten and he has almost learned the whole name !

Channing smiling as she rides .

Selling chicken from the drive through.

Before rest time today we put a book together for an activity.  ( Reminder when the kids color we dont criticize coloring in or out of the lines or color choice. It is ok if the tree is red ! )  After coloring the book we took silk leaves and practiced some positional words . We would put the leaf over the tree. We would put the leaf behind the tree. After going through the book we used the leaf to practice positional words on less used body parts so we could practice the names.  Things you could point out at hime are where they elbow is, the forehead is, the ankle is and the wrist.  We all know our eyes, ears . nose and mouth !


As we played Hickety Pickety Bumble Bee today I was filled with pride.  13 of our 16 students can spell their name out loud  !  GREAT JOB KIDS !

As you can see many of our days are jam packed and today was one of those.

Dont forget tomorrow night at 6:00 pm is our ” Fall Walk at the Creek.” Randy and I have to drive to Jacksonville immediately following the walk so please be on time !

And the IPAD remains a favorite when  I can remember to charge it  ! Looking for an AP that makes the children stay on  the AP I open… any ideas ?




  1. Angie

    If you update to the latest ISO6, you can lock the iPad so that they cannot close the app that is open. It’s called “Guided Access” I have started using this in my preschool classroom on the iPad and I LOVE that the kids can’t jump around from app to app. What it does is when you have guided access on, in order to close the app, you have to press the home button 3 times, then enter a password. It also enables you to shade out areas (like a menu button) to keep the children from leaving the screen its on. The only problem I have noticed is that it doesn’t work with some apps, maybe they aren’t updated to include guided access. In that case I end up having to restart the Ipad because the app won’t respond to the 3-clicks on the home button. OVerall though, I love this feature.

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