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Leaves and Math

Published on October 9, 2012 under fall

Today was the day we all brought leaves in.  ( What !!! You forgot ?? Dont worry i have trees and Ive got your back!

We sorted them and counted them.

We compared them.

We even used them in an art project !


We had another learning experience today that was not planned for. Normally during the Halloween season we break open a pumpkin to explore and made a jackolantern.  Today one of our pumpkins from our pumpkin stand broke in half so we used that as an opportunity to see what was inside and talk about it.

After getting all the seeds out we had to wash them,

Another fun thing we did today was a game called ” the falling leaves. ”  The kids stood on a chair ( A TREAT!) and dropped a handful of leaves down to the floor where a hula hoop was lying.  After they all landed we counted the leaves that landed inside the circle.  We learned a lot in this one simple FUN game. We learned inside vs. outside. We learned that what goes up….. must come down and we practiced counting.  We reinforced the word circle.  Learning can be fun and easy.

IMG 2773 from Debbie Mays on Vimeo.

Some other fun activities on the table were matching the letters in the word leaves with letter tiles and a math game where you counted the leaves on the card and then placed a clothes pin on the correct number.

Outside Mr Randy played a game with the kids. Sometimes we stretch our planned learning to the outdoor space. He drew squares with numbers inside them and the kids would put that many objects from the yard in the box.


Rhonda got to come play .  I am impressed each time a mommy comes and plays as I hear the interactions with each one and the kids . We are a lucky crew. Thanks Rhonda!

It was a fun day.


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