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Why Environmental Print ?

Published on October 11, 2012 under fall


We tried a different food today in an attempt to be more healthy.  Alas, the Edamame dip did not go over well today. I think a couple of the kids tried it.  Tomorrow we will try whole edamame in a pasta salad. I do try to make sure there are things on their plate they are familiar with and will eat so they will not go hungry. Today with the edamame dip we had pita bread, grapes and a fruit parfait with strawberries and granola.

Lyndees mom came to eat today and even was nice about the edamame.

There was  a LOT of writing going on today !

Today we played a game called ” matching squirrels.”  The squirrel body would have a picture like a tree on it and the matching tail would have nuts.  One squirrel would have a rake on it and the tail would have leaves.  It reminds me of a song off TV from when I was a child.

LOTS   of technology being used today.

The letters you see on the IPAD Junior drew !

Alex was matching .

Alina was enjoying the new Leap Pad. Their favorite part of the game was that it took pictures and video.

During circle time we looked at talk pictures.  Why do we use talk pictures  ?  Time magazine says :

It might seem like preschool is all about naps and playtime, but the latest research shows that early classroom experiences can have a major impact on later learning and academic performance, especially when it comes to language.

David Dickinson, a professor of teaching and learning at Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College, reported in the journal Science that the quality and type of experiences in preschool can make a difference in how a child’s linguistic skills develop.

Specifically, when preschool teachers engage children more in interactive conversations that require the youngsters to think and respond creatively, they go on to develop a more advanced vocabulary by kindergarten, which in turn translates to stronger reading and expressive skills by fourth grade.

In addition, when preschool teachers use a rich and varied vocabulary when talking with their students, the kids are more likely to show an enhanced vocabulary in kindergarten and to read better by fourth grade, compared with preschoolers whose teachers don’t use such complex language.

Read more:

The pictures are used to prompt discussions that will include rich language.  Sometimes our conversations go on and on and lead to other things and sometimes they are short and sweet.

We also played an environmental print game.  I used little cards that had names and pictures ( logos ) of things that the kids are familiar with.

The reasons to use environmental print: It is everywhere and, because it is, it is a natural starting point to teach young children to read, write, and do math. Children have a concrete connection to everyday print. They “read” it within the context of their everyday experiences–their interests and backgrounds. It bridges the gap between the functional print of school and the print outside. It doesn’t cost a lot of money to use.


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