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It’s time to turn on the heater !

Published on October 8, 2012 under fall

Today as the kids came in it was COLD!  Never fear though, our heater has been on for two days AND I even turned up the  temperature on our water heater.  Warm fingers and toes and important to us.  This would be a opportune time to remind you to please dress for the weather. Unless there is a warning or falling precipitation we will be going outside.

From a reputable WebMD source :

Being out in the cold for a long time without proper clothing and shelter can make you sick from injury to your tissues. But you can’t catch a common cold from being cold, that is a long held and commonly spoken belief that has been disproven by science experimentation.
No, it is bacteria and/or viruses that cause you to get sick.

SO PLEASE…. dress appropriately !

Today we had several new table activities out.

There was a scarecrow number puzzle. In order to put the scarecrow together you had to put the numbers in order.

I love how Julia went back to the leaves we did last week and did the activity again alone and unprompted!  This is why we do small groups. In small groups you can explain tasks and assist and set the kiddos up for success when they want to do the activity alone.

We did blow painting.  Some of the art even turned out looking like a fall leaf. I love experimenting with the kids using different tools for art.  Exploring other tools reminds us to think outside the box.

I watched this interaction take place in the art center.  Malachy had used a little too much paint and his paper was SOAKED. He  was trying to figure out how to get it to the wall to dry without making a larger mess on the floor. It was interesting as his friends came by one by one to help him solve the problem As a teacher ( who doesnt really LIKE paint all over the floor it would be easier to jump in and move the painting or tell the kids how to move it but they learn so much more if I sit back and observe.  ) Eventually the painting made it to the wall. 🙂 SUCCESS!

On the table today was also a shadows sheet . It is like a puzzle.  The kids have to match the leaf to its shadow.

Malachy was sorting buttons by color.  This activity is also good for fine motor.  We use the same muscles to write with.

Alina practicing writing skills by tracing a line from the tree to the acorn. It is laminated so it can be used again and again.

During circle time we read a story about a squirrel who was storing things for the winter.  His friends kept asking him to play and he would only reply ” I am TOO BUSY!”  It ended with the squirrel curled in his nest with all this findings sound asleep.  After reading the story I took out a picture of a real squirrel and we compared it to the cartoon squirrel in the book.  Sometimes it is hard for kids to understand the concepts real and not real.

I am still working toward healthier meals for the kids. . I am learning as I go .Today was BLAT ( Bacon, lettuce, Avacado and tomato sandwiches.  ) I didnt put the avacado on the sandwich. I wanted the kids to try it alone. I did the same for the carrots and cranberries salad.  I decided to put them separate on the plate instead of together. The kids are getting a little more adventurous as they realize that I am not substituting in things they are more familiar with.  They are trying more of the new foods and finding they like them.  I noticed that 5 of 7 on our first lunch cycle this morning ate their avacado ! I am trying to be more ” normal” with breakfast and snack to make sure they are actually getting some food in their tummies during the day.

Tomorrow each child should bring a leaf from their yard !

Thursday is out ” Family Fall Walk” at JBU.  We meet at the parking lot at the trail head on University and Dogwood and we will walk down to the creek and look for signs of fall.  I may bring a book to read once we get there.  We will hang out a few minutes ( with parents CLOSELY watching children near the water) and then walk back .  Immediately following the walk Randy and I will be packed and hit the road for Jacksonville Ar for a KIDDOS concert at 8:30 Friday morning.  Busy Busy week ahead.


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