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Published on October 5, 2012 under fall

Today has been a slow dreary day.  It’s been nice and we all had fun knowing it was Friday and we wouldnt see each other for a while.   Another hero popped in today.

We painted fall trees with crayons and Qtips !



Guess what else we did today.  Shh…

You know I told you yesterday that we were having a hard time catching on to ” opposites ?”  Today we let Barney explain it through song for about 15 minutes.  It went relatively well.  One of my pet peeves is using the TV as a babysitter.  Sometimes it means we are simply to lazy to entertain our children ourself.  And ( Debbie raises her hand ) I am guilty of this as a young mom as well.  I remember on the Air Force Base there was a very small video store and Addam and I would go when he was three and I would let him pick out a movie.  it had to be G rated and the approximate running time was equally important.  Addam would hand me a movie and if I turned it over and saw it was only 20- 30 minutes I would quickly steer him from that movie to a longer one.  In an hour and 15 minutes I could get a lot done around the house  and it was much easier without him in tow.  So… Im not judging, Ive been there.  Just recommending that we try as many other options for slow down time with our kids as possible before turning on the tube.   ( Whew.. Squirrel )


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