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Red , Yellow or Green

Published on September 6, 2012 under A is for apple

We started our morning outside enjoying the coolness of the morning before the humidity creeped back again.  It was a great time since there was a meeting going on inside . Randy took the kids in four at at time to cook their own breakfast. This morning was crescent rolls with apple pie filling and butter inside . The kids cut the apples, buttered the crescent , filled it with apple filling and rolled it up. I didnt taste one ( crescent rolls would negate my 6 am trips to the gym and well.. I  like to sleep too much to do that ! )  but I heard they were yummy. They certainly smelled yummy !


We also took all the apples that our friends brought in today. We counted them .We sorted them.  We made a graph to figure out which color apple we had more of.   Then we tasted them.  We each tasted a red, a green and a yellow apple.  We then graphed on a paper which was our favorite. More friends liked the green apples.

Lyndee is holding up a branch from an apple tree. I said yesterday that I would love to find an apple tree that we can walk to so the kids can see an apple on a tree .  Today Rhonda ( Ty’s mom ) showed up with this ! YAY! For moms that listen and make my job easier !  Thanks Rhonda !

Today was a fabulous day !


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