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A is for Apple

Published on September 5, 2012 under A is for apple

Today we took out the moon sand.  The kids LOVED it. Ms Dallas and Ms Debbie… maybe not so much.  Yes, it was tons of fun and kept the children focused for long periods of time but wowzers the mess that it made.  The moon sand came with a blow up type container that helps keep the moon sand a little more under control and off the floor but I found out this morning that it had a hole in it.  Dallas and I agreed that a baby inflatable bath would work as a perfect replacement if anyone has one or sees one somewhere.  Moon sand is great for the kids in that it is moldable. If you would like to make some at home here is the recipe for you !

  • 5 cups of plain flour
  • 1 cup baby oil
Mix well together and PLAY! That’s it!
We also made necklaces with the letter A on them.
Alinas mom came to play for a while again today.  She is looking for a clerical job and speaks fluent spanish if anyone knows of anything.  I want to help her find a job but it makes me very sad that she wont be here with us when she does get a job.  She is amazing with the kids.
We are doing whole foods again this week.  So far , I think the kids are enjoying this typer of meals.  Sone of them ate this layered fiesta salad today.  There was an extra plate and I ate one and it was YUMMY!  I do know that this way of cooking is so much healthier for them.
Mr Randy is always.. always telling the kids stories . The great thing is they are teaching stories.  This morning in effort to distract one of our friends that was upset he started a story about the paint brush family.  He talked about the BIG brush could be used to paint barns . The medium brush would be used to paint our home.  The small brush might be used to paint a small dog house.  Each brush had it’s own voice.  The kids love the stories Randy tells them.
I let Dallas run a circle time  this morning and I went outside with the kids.  In circle time Dallas and the kids explored an apple. They looked at the OUTSIDE of an apple and talked about what all they could see . Then they looked at the INSIDE of an apple and talked about it too ! Lots of great language and investigation going on !
 I do like to go outside  occasionally because there are different developmental milestones I can see in outside play versus always playing inside.  While we were playing I took a small video which is very indicative of what goes on outside.

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