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Apples are Red

Published on September 7, 2012 under A is for apple


We have a paint table that stays out all the time.  I havent had paint on the table yet this year. I didnt think we were ready for free range with so many art materials yet.  Today we used red paint to paint apples.   We ended up with a few apples and a lot of papers entirely covered in red !  That is ok. That is how we learn.  It’s like a game of ” lets cover every inch of the paper.”  Next week I will have paint on the table so the children can use it freely and without the guidance of hearing me say ” Lets paint an apple.”

During circle time today we looked at a large print story about apples.  Children love fiction stories and I think they are great for stimulating little imaginations but non-fiction ( factual ) stories are great too !

OK take a little side trip with me here.

I struggle with that terminology to use when I am blogging about the kids… the chidren.. the kiddos…. my little friends….. the short ones…. munchkins .


Professionally , I should call them children.

Some days they feel like children. Some days the feel like kids. Some days…. do you see what I mean ?

Please know that I just blog exactly what I feel or think for the day….. and when I say the little squirts know that it is a term of endearment and that I really am professional.

Children to me… feels like someone that I dont know.

I love these kids. I mean, I love these children.

Hmm.. Ok, enough of that rambling.

Another thing we did in circle time today was a color hunt.  SInce we have talked about red, green and yellow apples  I asked them each to find something yellow ( green or red ) and bring it back to circle time.  It was a great success !  One of our friends came to circle time with  an item of the wrong color and I heard one of his little friends say ” That is green. Here, let me help you…”  This was the best part of my day.  ( Liz.. it was Josyln, Take a bow for raising a caring little girl. )


What a wonderful third week of school.




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