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I used to be a baby too!

Published on September 18, 2012 under babies








Today many of the kids brought their baby pictures to share.  We talked about the fact that everyone starts out as a baby.  I used to be a baby and even Randy used to be a baby.  We were also able to explore the thought some mom’s have more than one baby at a time. Alex and Lilly’s mommy had TWO babies in her tummy at home time.  They are called twins !

We had a lot of fun outside today.  I will post many more of our outdoor picture on facebook. For the blog I have to resize the pictures to fit and it is time intensive.  Lilly had fun with the bubbles !


Randy made up a ” rock game ” today . I am not sure what they were doing but they loved it and they were LOUD! I





Who needs 28 Springs when we can have 16 springs! Look at that fancy shiskabob today!


It was  a good day.  It  . Was.  A.  Good.  Day.






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