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If you’re happy

Published on September 19, 2012 under Als Pals









One of the first things we did this morning was make name bracelets.  The children picked the letters of their name out from MANY letter beads on a tray and matched them to a card to make their name. Then Ms Dallas helped them string them on hemp cord to make a bracelet.






Another fun activity we did today was drawing.  I glued two googly eyes on a piece of paper and told them to draw whatever they wanted. Most of them drew themselves or their mom or dad.  Malachy got creative and did the frog that was on the package of googly eyes.  He did an awesome job of replicating the frog.  I


In circle time we listen to the book on tape of ” If your happy and you know it.” We also talked about emotions.  I had a chart of children with many different facial expressions and we talked about how that child might feel and what might have caused him or her to feel that way.  Realizing how people feel and empathy are two very important social skills that are developed much later in life. Some kiddos are extraordinarily sensitive while others we still are waiting at 55 for them to realize the world doesnt revolve around them and they should care about how others feel.  Facial expressions are a good start to children realizing someone is hurt or upset or happy. One thing we do here that you could do at home is helping them realize their OWN facial expressions.  EX.  You child is angry that you said they cannot watch anymore TV for the night and they are MAD!  You say.. ” I see by your face that you are angry. it looks like this ( you make the angry face) .  I understand you want to watch TV but now I need you to do this…”  This helps them to begin to notice facial expressions and ultimately how they are affecting those around them.  You can even say ” Look at my face… do I look happy ?  ” Raising caring responsive people that notice others should be a high priority for all of us.






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