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I am special

Published on September 17, 2012 under Uncategorized

Today we spent some time looking at the new materials that i put out for play.  The kids were really enjoying the new dress up clothes.

We also did a new song called ” I am special ” We sang this song as we passed around the mirror and looked at ourselves.

I am special

I am special

 Take a look

You will see

Someone very special

Someone very special

 And that’s ME

And that’s ME !

We did a graph to see if we have more girls or boys in our classroom.  I took the picture AFTER I had exported the pictures for today’s blog so I may show it tomorrow instead. You will have to ask your child which we have more of.

 The kids also enjoyed our texture board today. I heard ” this is soft” or ” this is rough ” all morning !

The highlight of my day was walking in the room on two separate occasions and listening to our friends retell the story ” Pete the Cat.”  They LOVE this book !


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