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Good Gravy !

Published on September 10, 2012 under A is for apple



This morning we started our day on the playground. What a BEAUTIFUL morning it was for hanging out.  So that I dont confuse you, I  want to point out that the sign in sheet is almost ALWAYS inside even when we are outside.  I brought it with me so I could record how many I could expect for ” Gravy and Grandparents ” tonight ! 



” Take my picture Ms Debbie !”  Joslyn was ready to smile for the camera. Tiana’s mom messaged me and requested I send home the A is for Apple” sheet for Tiana since she missed today.  It took me until this very minute to know what she was talking about. This isnt a worksheet. It is a laminated paper the kids can use write on wipe off markers on for fun.  


Harelly is matching the letter tiles with the word APPLE. 

This is another laminated sheet that Julia is using.  There sheets are great for practicing tracing and tuning fine motor. 


Julia’s dad came to play today! Thanks JEFF!  Funniest part of my day was this –

Jeff is playing with the playdoh for quite a while.

Lyndee ” You know you cant take that home…”

Jeff  ” Oh ok…. ”

Cracked me up !





Ms Dallas helped the kids make hand prints poems for their grandparents ! 






Can you put the letters on the apples together in the right order to spell your name ? 


I love seeing activity in the art center.

New toy alert. A friend told me about this new writing tool and I got one.  The kids love it and it is only 20.00   This would make a great Christmas present. Sorting apples into the right basket by color .



This toy has been upstairs but the kids just now figured out how LARGE it will get. 

Lyndee with apple eyes ! We saw this in a book we read today so we had to copy !


Five apples story !


And last is just a few of the pictures from our ” Gravy and Grandparents ” Night.  I think it was a success. I know it was PACKED .  So many came out.  Grandparents are a special group of people , I know, I am one.  Thanks all of you for coming tonight.  There will be a video ready on our facebook group as soon as it uploads.  



Grandma always made you feel she had been waiting to see just you all day and now the day was complete.  ~Marcy DeMaree



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