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Smile for the Camera !

Published on September 4, 2012 under A is for apple

Today was picture  day !   The kids were actually very patient waiting for their turn . We did the class picture first and then individuals.  It was really HOT and I noticed some of their faces were getting red.  :/  I still think they will be super cute!   Kristen did a great job.  She will provide me with a link to her website on Friday.  When you get to her website you can order what pictures you want. She will upload 3 or four of each child.  ( Sometimes parents want the one where the child is caught off guard with his finger up his nose or he is making a funny face. )  You will be getting FREE ( purchased by Randy and I ) a 5 x 7 and a couple small pics ( I think ) and a 4 x 6 class picture.  I am sure Krisiten will list exactly what has been paid for already so you can make good choices. She said the packages are like school picture packages that run from $7 – 48.  We started a unit on apples today. Again a reminder of how I teach. My goal is not to teach all I can about apples . I am using apples ( something familiar to them ) as a vehicle to teach them all the other things I want them to learn such as the letter a and the color red.  We had all new music and toys out today and the kids were busy!

Malachy is weighing the apples.  D

Do you see Kaden’s A on his journal ?

Junior is weighing his apples.

Alina is making a bracelet from red and green beads. Later in our unit we will begin simple patterning with these beads . ( red , green, red, green…. )

Ty is using the tongs to move the apples from one basket to another. Tongs are great for developing fine motor control.

I wanted to share one of the songs we started singing today with you. It is the first time i have heard it to music so you can certainly just chant it with your child.

Way up high in the apple tree

Two little apples smiled at me.

I shook that tree as hard as I could

Down came the apples

Mmmm Mmmmm good.

Today was a good day.  Some of the kids seemed so exhausted.  Maybe it was the stress of our day being a little different. Children are creatures of habit.  They like for things to be the same and when they arent it wears them down.  We laid down a little early today; Hopefully tomorrow everyone will be rested up.







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