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Our First Nap

Published on August 22, 2012 under pirates

Each day we are getting a little more into a routine that we all can live with.  LIttle personalities are changing as the kids become more comfortable with us.  Today was the most like a ” normal” day.  There was little chaos and lots of fun.   We havent done small groups yet and have had very abbreviated circle times . This week is more about figuring each other out and how we will blend as a big preschool family.

We used our new headphone sets to listen to a pirate story today.  The kids seemed to enjoy that .  One of the things i really need to think out….

When 5 children want to listen to the story, I cant hear to know when to turn the page for them.  And…. Im not sure I like having the earphones on and feeling so disconnected from the rest of the children in the room.  I noticed on Lakeshore there are games you can get that children listen and play together through the listening center.  I might order a couple of those and try them.

We ” wrote” in our journals for the first time today.  Writing experiences are important if we want our children to gain the motor skills to be successful writers.  Magnadoodles are great in the car.  Allowing kids to write on the placemat when you are out to eat.  Scribbles are good… and a good place to start.

Lunch time today was fabulous. If your family loves raviolis then you should try this slow cooler recipe we used today.  The kids loved it and I literally dumped the ingredients in the pot this morning.  So yummy.

It is nap time now and all but two of the children are asleep.  One of the books we read today ” A Pirate Goes to School” talked about nap time so I was able to ease in the fact that we would be resting today.  We only had two be a little upset that we were laying down for a bit and even then fell quickly asleep.  These little guys are exhausted , I know.

I look forward to each day getting a little better as we bond more as a group. We are already learning so many social skills that will help us become amazing kindergarten students  !

What we want is to see the child in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the child.  ~George Bernard Shaw



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