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Four Days in and we are AWESOME

Published on August 23, 2012 under building community





I had help this morning getting breakfast ready ! Alina and Harelly were happy to help me get breakfast on the table for their friends.

The great thing about preschool aged kids is that they are still fairly motivated to help. Preschoolers also love individual time with adults. If you take some time to teach them new chores one on one, they will usually love it. Many kids at this age are ready to do chores without constant supervision. Kids at this stage love rewards, and they don’t have to be huge. Try using a sticker chart that allows them to build up to bigger rewards. For some preschoolers, tying chores to an allowance is a great choice. This can also foster independence by allowing them to choose a reward.

Each day your probably think ” I never know where they will be in the mornings, inside or outside. ”  True story ! But it isnt really random. I do want the kids to get used to our morning routine of coming in and washing hands but I also want their morning transitions to be easy.  Today for instance we met outside  thinking that some may remember the first nap yesterday  and have a hard time.   Tomorrow we may be inside but Monday for sure we will be outside. ( Take note… Monday will be a hard day for MANY of them.  Be prepared. )

The kids are getting really good at our hand washing routine .  We wash after potty, before any food and when we come in from outside.  There are other times but we are starting with these biggies !   If you follow the handwashing routines at home it will be  easier here.  Water…. soap… rub hands together ( not in water ) for 20 seconds. We count to 20 or sing the abc song or happy birthday … then rinse and last we dry.  Its sounds like a lot of steps but it all to keep us healthy  !

This group of kids LOVES puzzles !

This week is all about learning routines and what keeps us safe as a group.

Here you see Alexander coming down from the loft.  The rules are :

You must ask before you go ( so the adult can watch you for safety ) .

Only one person at a time.

You must sit.

The kids love it up there . There is a CD player with earphone, soft toys and books.  Eventually  I will put the IPAD up there as well.  We have several materials ( paint, water play ) that are not out yet as we get used to our basic toys.

The kids are enjoying journaling a little more now ! We try to do it every day !

Teamwork !

Even though we had visitors in and out today it was a fantastic day.  Kids love routine.  When there is routine they know what to expect.  Routine.. is our first goal . I want the children to feel safe.  We are almost there !





















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