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Holy Smokes Batman

Published on August 21, 2012 under Uncategorized

Today seemed a little more hectic than yesterday. Maybe yesterday I was running on adrenalin from it being the first day and today my adrenaline was gone ! It was still a good day.


We met inside instead of outside and the kids were able to free play in the centers and get to know each other a little better.


In Randy’s room they made  a boat from the stools and boards.  They threw two pillows in the middle  which happened to be a fish pillow and a pillow that had a grass motif .  They walked around the planks and tried not to fall in the water. Lots of balancing went on and learning to work as a group . As always you watch your leaders rise to give directions and make plans and the followers are little worker bees.  Being a follower is not a bad thing as long as a child is confident in who he is.  After all, youve heard the old saying ” we had a lot of chiefs and not enough Indians” or something like that.  As children immerse themselves in a group and become comfortable you start to see patterns of leadership.

We did our first real circle time today.  The children sit on carpet squares . We sang four songs . There was ” Row Row Row your Boat” , a pirates song , a wiggle / freeze song and ” The Tooti Ta.”  We read a book about pirates and we made a ” We Feel Today” chart.  It is good at a young age to teach children to start to recognize their different emotions and name them.   Sometimes it helps calm frustrations when they can use words to tell you how they are feeling.

Mrs. Jodie was with us again today but it was her last day this week. She was mainly here to help us transition into the new year. You will see her periodically throughout the year when we need a substitute.  She has been a blessing this week and helped tremendously.  Dallas will be here again the next two days. Her regular schedule with me will be Monday , Wednesday and Thursday.  She has been an excellent help as well !



Tomorrow is  a full day including a rest time.  I would  suggest you not  make a big deal out of this with your child.  Just let it seem like a normal day.  Around 11:00 we will start easing in the idea that today is a longer day and we will be laying on mats to rest for a while so we dont get so tired.  It will become such a normal part of our routine that the kids will not mind it at all .


Day two is in the books !  176 more to go !





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