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The Flower Shop is Open

Published on April 9, 2012 under Uncategorized

The buzz today has been a flower shop that we set up in the dramatic play area.  There is a cash register, There is a receipt book for taking orders and money to exchange. Today was a little chaotic as I just let them explore the materials.  Tomorrow we will get a little more structured in there and decide who will be the shop owner, who will design flower arrangements and who will be the customer.  The kids LOVED this area.

The reason for setting up a flower shop is our continuing discussion of spring and flowers !

I am posting a little early today. I have a training in Fort Smith this afternoon and I will be leaving after we get the kids laid down.   Don’t forget we have a family field trip to  Siloam Springs Metal and Recycling tomorrow afternoon at 3:30.  Please bring metal to donate and the proceeds will go to Ability Tree in town that helps families with children with disabilities.


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