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The Easter Hunt

Published on April 6, 2012 under Easter

Today was a good day.  A new game we played today was ” Don’t eat Peter .”  The kids love this game and it comes in a lot of varieties for all holidays.   There are 9 places on the board and one child is sent out of the room. The other children decide which space ( 1-9 ) will be Peter ( cottontail ) .  When the child returns to the room he/ she starts picking up marshmallows and the designated spot is touched the rest of the children yell ”  DONT EAT PETER! ”  It is not a game of skill but more about fun and learning to wait your turn and being a good sport.










































The big excitement of the day was the egg hunt. We had right at 500 eggs filled with all kinds of prizes to hunt for. There were so many eggs it really should have been called an “egg harvest”  There was very little hunting to be done.  It was mainly pick them up so you don’t step on them.  The wonderful surprise of the day was a visit from the Easter Bunny ! I know, right ? … so so perfect. And he looked so sweet.  ( Thanks Malia’s Daddy! )  Only one child was a little nervous about the bunny but hey… he was over 5 foot tall !








As the kids left they took a treat bag, a cutesy bag of cheese it’s and an apple juice.


As I was  cleaning up our neighbors porch from the sparkly riff raff all over it a grandma drove by and stopped to say ” thank you for all you do.”   It wasn’t the only thank you we received today. There were lots.  I want you to know how much it is appreciated.  We don’t do it for “thank you’s  ‘ but they sure make picking up a ” gazillion ” pieces of sparkly stuff off the ground from a wonderful busy hectic Egg hunt seem like nothing.


Happy Easter.


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