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Beautiful Trees

Published on April 10, 2012 under Art

Today has been a good day. It was a day of dropsies though – have you ever had one of those ?

First a child dropped the milk and spilled it . ( No big deal.. that is almost every day. ūüôā We don’t cry over spilled milk. )

Then a vase was broken. ¬†There was only 1 glass vase in our flower shop. Yesterday while out of town I picked up a few more plastic ones for the store. Something told me the glass wouldn’t last long.

Then colorful confetti painted a rainbow across the floor.

THEN..I know, you are thinking this is enough. I dropped two plants  that we are using for a science experiment and got dirt all over the carpet in the circle time room.

Whew…. lets hope that we are through with all that dropping and cleaning business.

The girls enjoyed the tinker bell head piece that was on the table today.  I had pony tails barretts and a hair brush there.












Danielle helped the kids decorate a small clay pot, push modeling clay down inside the pot and then stick tiny flower pieces in to create a miniature flower pot bouquet. ¬†Even the boys liked doing this and were very proud of their creations. They will need to stay here a few days to decorate our room please ! ūüôā




The flower shop was still operating today. There seemed to not be quite as much chaos.

I loved Kat sitting in the corner on the phone taking a flower order . ¬†” Would you like some flowers? They are beautiful ! ”

Today we ¬†read ” The Tiny Seed” by Eric Carle. ¬† In this book it shows how a seed travels through the air to eventually land and create another flower. In the book are some colorful trees. We did an art project today to depict the trees that we saw. ¬†Art project equals something the teacher decides to do and the child has very little creative allowance. Things can still be learned through this process . For instance, I asked them to pick up one small piece of confetti at at time to place it on the tree. This.. is the step where you see which children have patience for tedious work and which ones are not quite ready for all that desk work that awaits them in kindergarten. ¬†When the pictures are sent home you will be able to look at them and see if your child’s confetti was placed individually or thrown in a clump. ¬†Either way is ok they all make beautiful trees.


Some of the kids planted morning glories against the fence row.

We took two plants and put them in cups labelled ” water” and ” no water.” ¬†We will watch these plants over the next two weeks or so and see what happens to them.

We also made some predictions on what we thought would happen.


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