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Easter is almost here !

Published on April 5, 2012 under Easter

Which part of the chocolate bunny do you eat first ?  Today we ate a chocolate bunny and graphed which part we all like to eat first.  Ears was an overwhelming choice ! 





























































We also played BUNNY BINGO!!!

Two of our stories were ” Five Little Rabbits Hopping on a Hill.” This is a good book for reinforcing math skills and the kids love it because it reminds them of their favorite story ” The Five Little Monkey Jumping on the Bed.”

We also read ” The Carrot Seed.” First in small groups I told the story with story pieces and then we read it in circle time with a BIG BOOK.  In this book the little boy plants some carrots seeds and everyone tells him ” I don’t think they will come up.” But he persist and keeps watering and weeding the area around his carrot seed . One day he goes out and a carrot has grown. It is SO large it fills his wheelbarrow, just like he knew it would.  The moral of the story is important for all of us – if you want to do it and you believe in it, no matter what those around you say- keep trying and doing all you can to make that dream come true.

Randy had a new game outside for the kids today. It is called Ladder Ball.  Have you ever heard of that ?

The kids helped us stuff 452 plastic  eggs today with prizes. You can’t even imagine how much time that saved us and it was a great fine motor activity for the kids!









































I love this picture of Kyler and Scarlett outside.  We have several loose parts around our outdoor classroom and this is why ?  They have taken a plank and made a walk from one side of the arbor to the other .  A little risky ? Yes!  But wow the things that can be learned from experiences like this one and the confidence it can build.   This type of stuff is straight out of a text book and totally makes my day!





















Everyone will play our math game if I have bunny ears there to wear while you play !





















Our egg hunt is tomorrow.  Please do not send baskets. The kids will use the ones that the moms made for them.  We haven’t decided yet when we will do the hunt , it is usually in the morning but I am thinking we may try an afternoon hunt  after we wake up !


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